Avon Nutraeffects Mattifying Toner Review

Hello ladies!! So how are you guys enjoying this summer??!! Having your sun bath to soak in that extra vitamin D??!! Well, whatever you do you can’t let your skin face the adverse effects of this heat. The biggest problem for us, the oily skin squad, is the patchy greasy look that we get within minutes of stepping out. So to address that problem I have a product to talk about today. This is The Avon Nutraeffects Mattifying Toner.

Avon Nutraeffects Mattifying Toner

Avon Nutraeffects Mattifying Toner


Avon Nutraeffects Mattifying Toner comes in a transparent plastic bottle inside a white cardboard box packaging. Every information is provided on the outer as well as on the inner package. The transparent packaging definitely makes it easy to keep a track of your product.

Avon Nutraeffects Mattifying Toner Avon Nutraeffects Mattifying Toner Avon Nutraeffects Mattifying Toner Avon Nutraeffects Mattifying Toner


Avon Nutraeffects Mattifying Toner has a pretty strong fragrance which stays for sometimes after application. So if you are sensitive to fragrances then you may have an issue with this toner for oily skin.


Avon Nutraeffects Mattifying Toner costs Rs. 379 for 150 ml of product.


Avon Nutraeffects Mattifying Toner is like plain water. It comes in a two phase type liquid, there is white powder kind of particles at the bottom & the clear liquid at top. On shaking it becomes a transluscent liquid. You need to shake it well to make the powder completely mixed up with the liquid to give you that proper matte effect.


Avon Nutraeffects Mattifying Toner definitely does what it claims. It gives a matte effect, controls oiliness of the skin. Shake the product well so that the powder mixes with the liquid nicely or else it will make the skin sticky. It will not stop sweating but it will definitely control the greasy look of your skin. Also I love to have this under my sunscreen to give that extra matte effect. But one thing you need to know is that it does sting on places where you have an acne or a cut on your skin. So try to avoid those areas while applying.

One more thing is that it will not provide any cooling or soothing or calming effect on your skin. Well, in it’s defense it does not even claim to do so. So if you have sensitive skin then you may be looking for a calming effect. In that case I would suggest that you skip this toner, rather try the Plum Chamomile & White Tea Calming Antioxidant Toner. So this will definitely be a good choice for oily skin people as most toners tend to make our skin sticky.

So this is my thought about this toner. Also do share with us your favorite toners for this summer. We would love to know. And if you like our page & our work then do subscribe to our page and follow us on Facebook,Instagram and Pinterest to stay updated for the future posts. Till then keep loving yourself…


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