Bridal Makeup tips for the Bride-To-Be

Bridal Makeup Tips: From an early age only every girl has the desire that her Wedding Day will be as beautiful & enchanting as a fairytale wedding. She will look no less than Cinderella when she comes infront of her Prince Charming.

bridal makeup tips

I am no exception in this case. But over this period of time what I have realised is that you cannot get that Perfect Goddess Glow in just one day. It’s an investment not only of money but of time, patience,skill & will power to work for your body & not just the face. So let me give you some bridal makeup tips that will definitely help you with all your queries for your coming big day & these are somethings that I swear by & will definitely keep in mind for my Big Day too. Okay, now I’m blushing a alittle.

bridal makeup tips

Let’s start..

Bridal Makeup Tips

1. Start minimum 4 months before:

My first bridal makeup tips is that start working on yourself minimum 4 months before the wedding date. I believe that we should not wait for any particular occasion to work on ourself, staying fit & healthy is to feel fit & health. I realised this a little late but all those reading this post I will request that start from today. Try to bring your lifestyle into a healthy routine. Healthy routine does not mean eating less or eating only boiled food. It’s about a complete balance between what you eat, when you eat, how much calories you burn, when you sleep, for how much time you sleep, what you feel- it includes everything, your complete mental & physical well being.

You need to burn those extra calories to feel fresh & light. If you have any health issue then please talk to a doctor first. But general tips is that do some cardio to pump up your heartbeat that will help in burning the extra fat. Then you can do some target exercises like for abs, thighs, waist etc. Be consistent & don’t strain yourself please. And you can easily fit into your dream wedding lehenga or dress.

bridal makeup tips

2. Take care of your skin:

Second bridal makeup tips will be taking care of your skin minimum 2 months before. When you are working out & letting your toxins out , you will automatically see the glow on your face. But for that external care you can go to a renowned parlour to get your treatments done. But if you don’t want to spend that money then you can try some DIY methods at home too. If you haven’t been to the local parlours ever before & thinking about going before your wedding day, I would suggest that DON’T. They don’t have the means to study your skin in deep & to take this risk before your wedding is just not worth it. But if you are a regular customer to your local parlours then you can definitely take some bridal treatments there. Otherwise please go for the DIY methods.

Shall be posting a detailed post on the DIY methods you acn use for bridal teatments. So stay tuned.

bridal makeup tips

3. Take care of your hair:

If you want that luscious voluminous hair for those big fluffy bun on your wedding day then you need to work for it too. The same applies here too. You need to start a hair care regime minimum of 2 months before. And don’t experiment with anything. Go for the treatments that suits your hairtype & you have had before. If not then you can always go for the DIYs.

bridal makeup tips

4. Bridal Makeup:

Now comes the most important part of this bridal makeup tips that is “the bridal makeup” itself. It’s always better if you can invest in some high quality makeup products atleast for the base makeup part. Because base makeup is in direct contact with your skin & you don’t want to wake up the next day of your wedding day with a pimple here or there. And also you will be having many functions before the wedding itself where you need to apply makeup & you don’t want that to cause any problem for you. So always try to go for high end base makeup products. This will actually be an investment for the long run, believe me.

bridal makeup tips

Hope you guys liked this post. Do you have any tips & tricks under your sleeve ?? Do share with us in the comment section below. We would love to know more ideas from you guys.

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