Don’t give up on your dreams because they say you can’t.

Do you have any dreams???

Hello there! Thanks for coming back. Hope you found my last writing on winning over negativities helpful…Today let’s talk about something very interesting & very important for people like you, me & basically everyone… It’s what dreams do we have for our future..

Who knows you better???

Let me ask you something…

Do I know you?? Ummmm… No… Not really

Does the aunty living next to your house know you?? Well, she does know your name but….. No, she doesn’t really ‘know’ you.

Does the person who said,” Oh! You got 95% in boards??!!!! You SHOULD go for engineering you know!”, know you??? Definitely not.

Or maybe you are more accustomed to hearing something that I hear every now & then, “Why aren’t you pursuing your PhD when you have already completed your Masters??!!” And then I’m like “don’t you guys understand a simple sentence that ‘I don’t want to!’ “… It’s as simple as that…Like seriously… Get a life & stop poking your nose into my business! That’s it…

Coming back to today’s topic… Next question

What is going on in your mind right now? Like right at this instance…

Who can answer that?? Hmm?? Your mom? Dad? or maybe your brother or sister? No no wait I know… your best friend… right?? No?? Then maybe your ‘better half’, whoever that is… 😉 No??

Yeah right.


Don’t worry. It’s not because they are not close enough to you or they don’t love you enough.

It’s because it’s natural & it is the ultimate truth.. No one can answer these questions because no one knows you better than YOU know YOURSELF. Yes my friend.. NO ONE.

It’s so hard to accept this fact… because acceptance brings with itself:

Responsibilities for our own decisions &

Risks that we desperately try to avoid.

We are so much into living a safe & secured life that we miss out on the true essence of living our life.

Every one of you have at least one dream that you crave for to become reality but how many of you are ready to work on it??

Most of you are thinking right now :

no, it’s not possible, it’s not that easy, others will laugh at me, it’s easier said than done, what if I fail, what if it doesn’t work out, not possible now it’s too late already, what if this, what if that & it’s a never ending list of excuses…

I know. We know. Because we have been there… Yes. We have.

I’m not saying that these excuses are baseless, no they are not. They are as real as you & me.

You will face most of these problems in your journey, they will laugh at you, they will question your decisions, make you feel you have done the biggest blunder of your life, you will be told that it’s no more the time to take risks and what not…

I know because my day starts and ends with these words.

I’m not saying that these have no value. A parent’s concern is always real. But so are my dreams. And so are your dreams.

Refuse to give up:

I refuse to give up on my dreams, passion, ambition & my vision for my future. I am ready to face the problems because I believe in myself and my dreams.

And so should you.

No one can tell you what your future is going to be. Not even you. You can only dream & work for it.

Don’t give up because ‘they’ say you can’t.

You decide what your future is going to be because ‘they’ will not live it, YOU will live it.

Don’t fear struggle because it’s what gives success its true meaning.

Don’t fear to be an amateur because we all are.

Every successful personality that you admire has only two things in common:

They started their journey from being an amateur,

And they strived to achieve their goals, against all odds without giving up.

And that’s EXACTLY what you ought to do… GOT IT???


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