Negativities?? Win over those negativities…Don’t give up!!!

Win over those negativities:

They are coward. You are not.

They need to hide behind the anonymity of social network. You don’t.

They need to pull others down to rise up. You don’t.

They need to make others feel miserable so that they feel good about themselves. You don’t.

You see who the superior one is here?? Yes, it’s you.

But every now & then these negativities will get to you. And you know what?? Let them.

Yup, you heard me right.

Let them get to you.

Let them push you down.

Let them make you feel miserable.

Let them suck out every drop of confidence you have.

Let them make you doubt your decision.

Let them make you weak in situations where it’s not possible to be strong.

Let them make you feel HUMANE again.

You are no God. You have the right to feel bad when others put you down. You don’t need to put on a strong face even when you are crying like a child inside.

Be proud of your tears because that’s what stays with you when no one else does.

Cry like you have lost everything. Come on, cry. Wrap yourself around what is hurting you & cry. Let those tears come out.

No you are not done yet. You need to cry more. Cry, cry and cry!! Even more. Yeah, that’s the way to go!!

You are doing great! Just go on. Just a little more. Come on, cry dear. Very good. You did just great.

Now that you have let everything out, you are ready now.

Stand up. Yeah, you! Come on stand up. You heard me. Be on your feet right now. You can do it. Come on. That’s it. Doing just great. Almost there.  Aaaannnnnndddd  YOU DID IT. GREEEAAAATTT!!

Now that you are back again, you are a blank canvas now, so what are you waiting for??!! Go chase your dreams. Write your destiny yourself.

All that you let out- those negativities, those pain, those tears, those sorrow, those failures, all that hurt you, these are your weapons.

Turn them into ambition, determination, passion and rise like a phoenix from the ashes of your own self.

You cannot rise until & unless you have fallen. So don’t be afraid to fall. Just make sure you are going to stand up again. No matter how long it takes, just promise that you will get back on your feet.

Because your future is counting on you dear. Don’t let it down.


And don’t forget to Love yourself first……..


Don’t give up on your dreams because they say you can’t.


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  1. Sayani Ghosh says:

    Awesome & inspiring. Reading this made my heart fill with newer hopes & confidence. Thank you. This is trully awesome .a must read for all ??

    1. woomenz says:

      Thanks love, for your kind words. We really appreciate that. :-*

  2. ipsita says:

    Such a lovly page today i came accross..thankss to prithi.who invited me..

    1. woomenz says:

      Thank you dear.. 🙂

  3. Shristi says:

    Subscribed for prithi

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