Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Night Cream

Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Night Cream

The Himalaya brand is known for it’s herbal products that have their source in the Himalayan Mountains. It claims to use ingredients derived from the foothills of the Himalayas. So ladies today I shall decode one such product for you guys which recently became one of my personal favourites in this winter- The Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Night Cream. So let us begin…

Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Night Cream

Quick Overview

Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Night Cream nourishes and moisturises skin. It is enriched with the goodness of Lemon, Crab Apple, Tomato, Wheat and White Lily, essential oils and vitamins which recover dry skin that has been exposed to harsh environmental condition. It helps to sooth and lightens the skin and reduces the appearance of freckles and age spots, improves the skin texture, lightens pigment and repairs damaged cell.

This Revitalizing Night Cream is-

  • dermatologically tested
  • non-comedogenic
  • free of mineral oils and parabens
  • hypoallergenic.


  • Triticum sativum-Common Wheat, Godhuma;
  • Citrus limon -Lemon, Nimbaka;
  • Pyrus malus – Crab Apple, Seva;
  • Solanum lycopersicum -Tomato, Raktamaci;
  • Lilium polyphyllum -White Lily, Ksirakakoli.

How to use

Apply this night cream over cleansed face at night before going to bed and let it’s magic work throughout the night.


The price is Rs. 250 and you get 50 grams of product.

Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Night Cream

My Experience with the Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Night Cream


Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Night Cream comes in an outer cardboard box packaging which has all the relevant informations on it. The actual cream comes in a glass tub kind of packaging which really feels luxurious. I mean at only 250 you are getting such a classy looking packaging which is definitely a steal. And it really gives the vibe of a high-end product. So the packaging is a thumbs up for me.

Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Night Cream

Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Night Cream

Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Night Cream



Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Night Cream has a very light and soft texture. So it does not feel thick or heavy on the skin and gets absorbed real quick and is really comfortable on the skin. For someone like me with extremely oily skin I really like the texture.

Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Night Cream

Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Night Cream


First of all I should confess that I had no high hopes from this moisturising cream. I once used their neem facewash (some 4 to 5 years ago) and that really made my skin stretchy and dry which I hate so I just never liked this brand. I know some people swear by their products especially the purifying neem face wash but it just didn’t work for me. But after seeing their new launches I got tempted to try their products and THANK GOD I did.

This is a very lightweight cream thet gets absorbed into the skin easily. If you are a fan of heavy moisturisers then this is not for you. But I like my creams to be light so that i can mix my face oils in them and use according to my preference. It makes the skin soft and supple the next morning without being too greasy. So this is just wonderful for me.

So I would definitely recommend this. It’s not something that you can’t or shouldn’t live without but it’s definitely worth trying out. And I will try out some more products from Himalaya AS WELL. I am really looking forward to use the day cream of this range.

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